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About Dakota Donovan Illustrations

Having grown up in New York, I gather much of my inspiration from cities. My love for New York inspired my passion for drawing the unique, intangible beauty of a city street. In any of my travels, I've made sure to sketch the streets, attempting to capture that city's experience, environment, and culture. In drawing a city, you can study line, form, depth, and emotion, all in one moment!

Like many members of my New York family, I've always been a student of the arts. From a young age, I studied alongside masters at the Art Students League of New York. Later, in my college years, I lived and studied in Paris, so I could pursue a degree in Art History. I still spend my free time at open sketch nights at the Illustrators Society of New York, and carry my sketchbook wherever I go. 

Even though I create primarily for myself, recently my work has been well received by buyers, to which I discovered a newfound passion: creating for others. I love, giving a preserved, captured moment. If you would like to talk about commissioning a piece, or if you have a specific project you would like to propose, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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